Hello everyone! Wow, it’s been forever since I blogged. (I miss Thursday’s Children!) I’ve been busy writing–one draft and one completed manuscript, so YAY. And they’re both Contemporary, which is surprising given I’m a Dark Fantasy kinda girl. But I’ve had a blast writing them and I’m totally […]

How to Pitch Like a Rock Star–Finalists

YAY! Congrats to all the finalists and runners-up for the contest!! Hop on over to Between the Sheets to see all the ROCKIN’ pitches. I loved watching these talented authors polish up their drafts and it’s so cool to read all the shiny results.  Great job everybody! 🙂 A HUGE thanks to the fantabulous Heather […]

Pitch Wars!

Hello bloggers! An awesome opportunity is happening on Twitter! This is a contest designed to give aspiring authors the chance to team up with agented authors, industry interns, and editors, in order to polish their manuscripts and pitches, and present them to some INCREDIBLE agents! If you’re a writer and you’re interested, check out the […]