Enter The Dark Carnival

We at the Dark Carnival promised you a teaser, yes? But what will you give us in return? A kiss, complete with your sweet essence? Your beating heart? Your youth and beauty?

Come now, we must be granted something, because nothing comes without a price.

Ah! We know. You can add The Dark Carnival to Goodreads. Add it to your shelves – horror, anthologies, and thrillers are good places to start. Yes, that will do.

Oh, and tell your friends to pin the shiny new cover onto their Pinterest boards, send out some tweets, and scribe it into Facebook. If you show The Dark Carnival enough love, we might just let you leave.

Now, my lovely ones, on to the teaser.


David touched my cheek, feather light, then stepped forward. I wanted to scream, to pull him away, but that glistening strand of fate tugged and tightened, and I turned, helpless against it, to see the Puppet Master waiting patiently.

“Are you ready now?” he asked.

“I know how to beat you,” David said.

The Puppet Master grinned. “Then buy your tosses, boy, and play my game.”

~THE DEVIL’S GAME, Kate Michael


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