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First, I’d like to thank my fabulous CP, aka Side-State-Neighbor and fellow southerner (yeehaw!), Rhiann Wynn-Nolet

for inviting me to join The Writing Process Blog Tour, and damn, it’s been a long time since I posted on my blog. *blows on dust* *coughs, chokes* Poor blog. Rhiann is one of the co-founders of the Like A Virgin Contest and the CriTiki Lounge, and if you haven’t met her yet, you need to go to Twitter and say hello ’cause she’s pretty freakin’ incredible. She’s represented by Stefanie Lieberman of Janklow & Nesbit, and writes YA/NA fiction of the dark and swoony type. Check out the description of her current WIP here. It sounds so twisted and lovely and I can’t wait to read it.


What am I currently working on?

Right now I’m salivating over a new adult contemporary romance (yes, I genre hop). My MC, Jackson, is just…oh my God. *sighs* He’s still struggling with the death of his best-friend-turned-lover, Caleb, when he meets a smokin’ hot beauty named Julien. Julien’s provocative, bold, and…holy hell…pierced in the right place. Jackson fights their attraction, but ultimately he’s toast. Of course, Julien wants more than just a casual fling, but Jackson doesn’t know if he can let go of Caleb, and more importantly, if he can risk heartbreak all over again. So, there’s laughter, really hot sex, tears, and a HEA because I’m a total sap.

Unless I’m writing dark fantasy. I make no promises about those endings.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

As far as the story line goes, I’d say not much. I mean, boy falls in love, gets heartbroken, meets new boy who dares him to love again. I’ve read a lot of romance, and what makes each story so unique is the characters. Hopefully I’ve written mine well enough that readers will fall in love with them as much as I have.

Why do I write what I write?

I love fantasy—the darker the better—horror, and romance, so I’ll always write what I love. Some of my stories blend them all, others are independent in one genre or the other. But it’s the characters for me. Always, always, they come first, and as long as they infiltrate my dreams, I’ll write about them no matter the world they live in.

How does my individual writing process work?

I never work on just one project. I’ve tried in the past, and all it does is stress me out. I work better when I have two or three WIPs going at once, so if I get stuck in one, I can set it aside and hop over to another, immersing myself in a new voice, new setting, new plot. It keeps my creativity flowing because I absolutely hate being stuck in traffic.

I’m a very slow writer, so I set word count goals and personal deadlines to speed it up. I tend to edit as I go, but I’m working really hard at being okay with a shitty first draft. If I word vomit three whole chapters before editing, I’m doing really well. I’m not a plotter. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work. I usually have a general idea of where I want a story to go—meaning beginning, middle, and end—but aside from that, I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen. I do write linear—beginning to end without chapter hopping—which is weird considering how chaotic everything else about my writing is. But it gets the job done. I send stuff to my CPs at all stages and I love them for letting me. Self doubt mega-creeps all over me when I write, and often I need someone to say, “Yes, this is looking good so keep going,” just so I can keep going. I’m working on that too.


And now, to tag some friends!

Janet Butler Tayler writes YA/HisFic/Time Travel, and we met at the HNS Conference last year and had a total blast. I had the privilege of reading her latest WIP which is adventurous and romantic and you should all be totally jealous because it’s AWESOME. She’s represented by Mollie Glick of Foundry Literary and Media, and you can find her here and on Twitter.


Helen Boswell writes YA/NA after my own heart. I’m a huge fan of her MYTHOLOGY series (you should totally go here and read the exciting news about it. SQUEE!), and her latest book, LOSING ENOUGH, is a NA contemporary romance full of HOT, and sweet, and HOT. Did I mention it was HOT? You can find her here and on Twitter.


Dannie Morin writes YA/NA, and we met through Thursday’s Children, and later again at WriteOnCon. I beta read one of her MSs, and let me tell you, when people talk about “voice” in writing, I automatically think of her MC because yeah, she freaking nailed it. She’s a Ferris Wheel frequenter, freelance editor, and professional fangirl, and she’s a mentor for this year’s PitchWars Contest. You can find her here and on Twitter.


If you’re not one of those I’ve tagged, I’d still love to hear your answers to the writing process questions. Use the comments section!

5 Responses to “The Writing Process Blog Tour

  • Great post, Kate! Remember I’m still happy to beta-read your Dark Fantasy WIPs anytime 🙂

    • Thank you, Eve!! And I will absolutely call on you when I get back to them!! 🙂

  • You’ve been a busy one since I last beta read for you – good for you! And YES, here’s to being okay with TOTALLY shitty first drafts, because I’m not, and it’s a hard habit to break even though I realize it really gets in the way of making progress. Love the name Julien and curious to know which places are the “right” places to be pierced. *squirms in chair* And finally, thanks for allowing yourself to be tagged!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one with the shitty draft problem!! And I’ll let you read the “right” places when I get to it, lol 🙂 Thanks, love!!

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