Something Wicked This Way Comes…

If you know me, you know Halloween is my favorite holiday. Maybe it’s because I love horror stories, or playing dress up (with fangs or a pointy black hat) or all the wonderful decorations that come with it. Whatever the reason, the whole month of October I’m filled with a strange sort of energy I try and re-capture when writing during the “lighter” months.

Today is October 1st, and I’m excited to say this energy came rather sooner than I expected. The lovely ladies over at The Pen and Muse have conjured up a showcase for writers and illustrators—Freaky Fridays: The Dark Carnival.

I get a delightful chill just reading those words.

For most of September I’ve been working on my short story, THE DEVIL’S GAME, and I’m pleased to say my dark muse is well fed because of it. And as I had the privilege of beta reading another dark carnie’s short story (I’m looking at you, T.A. Brock), I’d say that’s true of everyone participating.

So come visit us at the Dark Carnival each Friday this month. We promise you’ll return home satiated with fright or at least happily disturbed.

If we let you leave, that is.

P.S. This just in from The Pen and Muse: A giveaway!!! Enter for a chance to win “a super secret, super special gift basket full of wonder and delight, tricks and treats, magic, monster pieces, dead things, and other stuff from beyond the grave”.

Well, what are you still doing here? GO ENTER!!!!

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