Cats and Comfort Zones: Thursday’s Children

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On Sunday, my youngest son called from his best friend’s sister’s house and asked if he could bring home a kitten she couldn’t keep.

Oh, hell, I thought. This’ll be tricky.

You see, we already have a cat—a cranky, twelve year old tom named Zedd.

Isn’t he so fat and fluffy!

We’ve grown accustomed to his indoor-outdoor ways, his eating habits, the fact that he prefers grass to a litterbox and uses a tree for a scratching post rather than our couch. He doesn’t jump on the dining room table, scale the curtains, or topple my book stacks.

A kitten would definitely shatter our feline comfort zone. Not to mention Zedd’s. But my son had fallen in love with this kitten, so I prayed to the angel of mercy, and my husband and I said yes.

Her name is Bagheera, she’s about five months old, and she’s completely insane.

All together now–Aww!

She’ll be kept indoors until she’s much bigger so we have a litterbox. I’ve chased her off the dining room table. I’ve pulled her off my bedroom sheers. I’ve restacked the books in my office at least four times. She’s stolen french fries and pizza from unattended dinner plates. And not only does she try and sharpen her claws on our couch, she’s found a way to climb inside it.

We adore her, and we’re slowly introducing her to Zedd.

The chaos this week felt like writing. We constantly shatter our characters’ comfort zones, as well as our own, wreaking havoc throughout our stories on a daily basis. But ultimately, these tiny little disasters enrich our tales, and our lives, and we wonder how we ever lived without them.

Happy writing!

8 Responses to “Cats and Comfort Zones: Thursday’s Children

  • So, we both wrote about loving craziness! <333 She is adorable!! Glad you could join TC this week 😀

  • Aww, but I have to say, I love that picture of Zedd! His eyes, his posture, the tint of brown on the halo of his fur. =) He looks quite the character.

    • Thank you! He’s definitely King of the Deck, lol 🙂

  • Excellent analogy. I’m a total cat freak and I really miss having one at the moment. Maybe after we move to Singapore but for the time being I remain jealous of your new kitty!

  • He is gorgeous! Animals do change your lives, don’t they? Enjoy finding all the character nuances Zedd has to share.