Patience—A Necessary Evil: Thursday’s Children

This post is less about my inspiration for writing and more about why I’m not entering the contest I was so looking forward to: the Like A Virgin Pitch Contest.

I’d originally planned to enter my steampunk-dark fantasy. This story is so dark and disturbingly tantalizing I want to wrap myself in its pages and succumb to its torment. But there’s a plot issue I’ve yet to solve, and as it’s an alternate history as well, I really need to do more research. So I moved on to Witchwood. It’s dark as well, and wicked sexy, with Gothic undertones I’m helpless to resist. But again, there’s a plot issue.

I determined both of these WIPs aren’t quite ready to be finished. They need to simmer a while yet, and that’s okay. So, on to The Gentian Soul. But dammit, I’d stopped working on this one because…you guessed it! Plot issues. I’d been away from this one for a long time though, so I read it from the beginning and WHAM! Everything fell into place.

Oh, happy day!

So, I’m revising and writing and revising and loving it and the days fly by like pebbles from a slingshot and the story grows and so new chapters must be written and HOLY SHIT! the contest is only a week away! And then I discover another contest, the Xmas In July Pitch Contest, and the roster of agents makes me SQUEEEE! but it’s two days away and I’m not finished.

I can do it, I tell myself. The bulk of my ms is done. I’ll submit to both contests and finish my chapters and reread and edit and reread and polish and be ready for all the amazing agents the following week. Whew!

Really? the voice of Patience asks. Without a beta or critique?

I ignore him.

The words are rolling out, the coffee’s flowing in. It’s Sunday and I’m writing and my revised plot has a twist and I’m stuck in my new chapters and three hours is plenty enough sleep. It’s Monday and I’m writing, writing, writing, writing and sleep is really overrated. It’s Tuesday and my query and pitch are properly formatted in an e-mail but my chapters aren’t done. Stick to the plan! I tell myself.

And then there’s a knock at the door.

It’s Patience.

Oh, evil, evil virtue. I want to slam the door in his sardonic face.

Don’t be stupid, Kate, he says. You know how this works.

Oh, how I hate him.

But he’s right, and I know it. He won’t let me back at my computer where I might accidentally hit SEND and so I lock myself in my room, determined to get some much needed rest. But I can’t sleep. I’ve enough caffeine in my system to fuel an exploration of the Kalium Galaxy.

Oooh, pretty.  (uploaded from Pinterest)

And so I reflect. Patience is a necessary evil for writers. It keeps us from making stupid mistakes. It keeps us from writing a story that’s not yet whole, from revising too soon, from querying before the stars align, and from entering contests before our ms is truly ready.

So, next week I’ll be cheering my writer friends at #LV13, waving my pom-poms and dancing around in mad circles. Then I’ll finish my ms and enter Brenda Drake’s Pitch Madness in August. HUZZAH!

Happy Writing!!

P.S. On Friday, don’t forget to visit the contestants, Guest Stars, and judges on the “Getting to Know You” Blog Hop for the #Lv13 Contest!

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16 Responses to “Patience—A Necessary Evil: Thursday’s Children

  • yes, patience, SO important. we should all get that tattooed on our arms. there will always be another opportunity.

  • Awww, I was so hoping you’d be ready to enter LV, but you’re doing the mature, responsible thing, the thing that ultimately will pay off. And don’t forget GUTGAA and WriteOnCon too. Also, lucky you with three simmering manuscripts!

    • I wanted to be ready too!! And thanks for reminding me of those 😀 *hugs*

  • Listening to Patience is a wise, wise thing. The biggest lesson I learned during my agent hunt is that the publishing industry is not in a rush so we shouldn’t be either. Happy plotting!

  • It’s hard to listen to the patience voice sometimes, right? Glad you had the courage to and am sure your work will be one hundred times better for it.

    • Yes, it’s SO hard. Thank you, Lauren!

  • I like to feed my Patience monkey with caffeine but I’m sure you did the right thing 😉 Hope you’ll stop by!

  • I think you’ve made the wise choice. As much as I’m looking forward to reading your books one day, It’s always best to query a manuscript that’s as good as it can be. And as Rhiann said, they’ll be other contests! Good luck with your revisions 🙂

    • Thanks, Eve!! And I’m totally going to beg, I mean ask you to beta read! <3

  • You definitely made the right call, as hard as it is sometimes. We’re fortunate that there seem to be so many opportunities at the moment – better to wait and query something that’s ready than blow what may be your only chance with a particular agent on something that’s not. (Of course, you know this! :p )

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