Contests and Giveaways: Thursday’s Children

Welcome to the Thursday’s Children Blog Hop, where writers come together to share whatever inspires them throughout their writing journey. I’d like to thank our lovely hosts, Rhiann and Kristina, for inviting me to participate. Thank you! Make sure to check out the other bloggers via this Link List: We’d love for you to join us!

So I’m saving the post I’d intended for today until next week, becauseβ€”OH. MAH. GAWWWWD!!!


I was like this when I saw the announcements today…


The newest and grooviest are hosted by my peeps who also happen to be talented and AMAZING writers. They inspire me everyday. Every. Single. Day.

I totally luff them. *tackle hugs*

The Like a Virgin (everybody sing with me) Pitch Contest, organized by Rhiann Wynn-Nolet and Kristina Perez, will be held in July for virgin manuscripts that have never entered a contest. Haha, get it? Of course you do.

We writers are such wicked creatures.


This contest is vogue. Like, on the cover of a magazine vogue. I mean, they’ll have writers, guest stars, agents, and cherries. CHERRIES, people. If this doesn’t inspire you to finish that WIP you’ve been tinkering with I don’t know what will. So polish ’em up, beauties!! I’m scrambling to make mine all shiny and new because I’m gonna give this contest all my love.

Oh yeah. ALL my love.

But first, I’m hopping over to There And Draft Again. The ever lovely EM Castellan and her fellowship of fantasy writers (moi included) agreed on an incredible giveway for celebrating 100 blog followers:


A writer couldn’t ask for a better treasure, right? And these are freakin’ awesome!! A signed copy of First of Her Kind-A Darkness & Light Novel by K. L. Schwengel, and a coupon for Coldness of Marek by Rachel O’Laughlin, due out in August. Squeeeeeeee!!!


So, you guys are going to enter both of these, right? RIGHT?!?!?!

Well, what are you waiting for?? Go check out all their AWESOMENESS!!

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