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Real quick—a big huge CONGRATS! to our very own Thursday’s Child, Stacey Lee, on the sale of her book (tentatively titled Golden Boys) to Putnam! Woohoo!!

So a few days back I decided I deserved needed a whole entire day of laziness in which I did nothing but lounge on my most awesome comfy couch and watch TV. While channel surfing I came across the movie “What’s Love Got to Do with It”. It’s Hollywood dramatized, of course, but as I’m a huge fan of Tina (and Angela Bassett and Morpheus) I watched it.

And then I looked up some facts. (Did you know I love research? I do.)

Tina Turner’s success had flagged by the time she split with Ike Turner in 1978. Later that year she released her third solo album, then a fourth in 1979. Both failed to chart. It wasn’t until November of 1983 that she had a hit record, a solo that landed the #26 spot in February of 1984.

In June of 1984, she released the album Private Dancer. It featured three Top 10 singles. In 1985 she won four Grammy Awards including Record of the Year for What’s Love Got to Do with It .

Here’s what inspired me: She was 45 years old.

HELL to the yes.

Her amazing success proves that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams. If you have a passion for something, stick with it. Do what you love, and don’t give up. EVER.

Today, Tina Turner is known as the “Queen of Rock”.

And she truly is.



  • Your title alone made me smile, Kate. Great post! You can’t put an age limit on talent!
    ~Dannie @ Left to Write

    • Glad I could make you smile!! Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks for the congrats, Kate! <3 Re: Tina, oh yeah, she was amazing, no? 45 is young!

    • You’re welcome! Yes, she’s amazing!!! 🙂

  • Oh, I ADORE Tina. Strong, focused, down to earth. not to mention the greatest legs ever to grace the earth. She is also a reason I haven’t given up. I’m a mere 40 🙂

    • Omg, her legs! Fabulous. “I’m a mere 40,” is great–I’m right there with you. One day, far, far into the future, I plan on saying, “Yes, I’m only 90.” Haha!

  • Like minds! I love doing research, too. New ideas. New facts excite me. I love learning so your post on Tina is just what I need this morning. Thanks.

    • Oh, goody! Research is the bomb 🙂 Thanks, Mia!

  • Yes, I love those stories of “late bloomers”! I always hope that my kids will see my writing as permission for them to follow their dreams, even if it takes a few decades to figure out what those dreams are.

    • Me too! Maybe our actions will instill perseverance in our children 🙂

  • Yes, following your dreams is what matters, regardless of age and situation 🙂 Happy writing this week Kate!

    • Thank you, you too!! *not so patiently awaiting arrival of Lily ms* *looks at calendar, sighs*

  • I love that! And I love Tina. I have these waking visions of doing karaoke to “Proud Mary”, Miss Congeniality-style…

  • Words to live by. I love them especially, seeing as I’ll be 46! This summer. Agh! But I never give up. Wonder sometime, though, if it’s always wise? For writing I’d say YES, never give up so long as my fingers. An type and mind can think. Great post. 🙂

  • Btw. I’m using my cell phone to type this. So frustrating. But please excuse the jumbled sentences.

    • Haha!! And congrats on 46! We’re always as young as we feel 🙂

  • Great post, Kate!

    I’ll be seeing 46 this summer, too. Okay…I’m ready to bloom! Any time now… 😀

    • Woohoo!!! We’re rockin’ the 40’s ladies! 🙂