Yes, it’s that time. I’ve seen it on Twitter, Facebook, other blogs, news, etc., that dreaded date—12/21/2012.


Now whether the Spanish destroyed all but the current Mayan calendar we’re afraid aware of, or if it truly was the last one they created because they knew something we don’t…but I’m not even going to go there. Nope. Not all all.

Denial is great. I embrace it fully.

Instead, I’m going here——->According to Wikipedia, the literal translation of apocalypse (Greek) refers to a ‘revelation of something hidden’.

Ooooh, I love this.

As an aspiring author, and avid reader, I really, really, REALLY love this. Unrevealed stories hiding in my head, ready to burst forth. Unrevealed books hiding at Barnes and Noble, treasures ready for discovery. And, AND, my dream agent, unrevealed, hiding, ready for my debut novel to cross her/his desk. What joy!

This is what the apocalypse means to me. Now, all this won’t happen exactly on 12/21/2012, but to me, this date represents all that is about to happen. And I’m excited! I’m visiting bookstores—yesterday I discovered GOBLIN SECRETS by William Alexander (he made the NYT Best Seller List! Congrats!)—and I’m making all the final polishes on my MS.

Okay, so we’re stocking up on dry goods and water too, just in case, but mostly, I’m preparing for a whole year of literary discovery.

There are a number of debut novels coming out in 2013 that I MUST HAVE—I will not be thwarted from my TBR list, Doomsday!!—and I WILL find my mysterious agent, who will love me and my stories, and who will happily sell my mesh of genres to all the joyful, treasure hunting readers out there.

So for now, Happy Apocalypse!! I hope all of your dreams and treasures are revealed!

P.S. If we make it past 12/21/2012, then Happy Holidays too!!


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