The inspiration for creating stories comes from many things–life, other books, dreams, the stupidity of your cat…

So the other day I discovered a new inspirational toy. Pinterest! Okay, so I’m behind on ALL things social media related, but hey, ‘better late than never’ is usually how I do things.

Anyway, Pinterest is awwwesome! *rubs hands together with glee* I love, love, LOVE visuals–which is why I LOVE movies–and Pinterest is now MY OFFICIAL VISUAL HEAVEN. And, La! I can actually outline my books (I hate outlining, despise it, loathe it. Why? I don’t know–the word alone makes Miss Defiant look up from painting her toenails and snarl) without cringing and having to remember yet another document in my (20 some odd) ‘book’ folders. Plus, all my (plot, character, scene) ideas will no longer disappear into the ether. Or into the towers of sticky notes, books, paper babble on my desk. And pinning pics with a click of the mouse is so much easier than having to glue cut-out pictures from magazines onto construction paper (for any of you who do this sort of thing *hides scissors and sticker labels*).

So, after I label all the pin-pics for Book 1 (all of which I found after I had written it–because, duh, I just discovered this awesome site), I’ll begin outlining for Book 2 (which I’ve already started–but that ‘better late than never’ motto is looking really good right now), and then pin all those (plot, character, scene) ideas for Books 3 & 4 before they wander off.  This delights my muse, which is a good thing.

So happy pinning to me you, and Happy Thanksgiving as well!


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